Historical evolution

Brooksbank Valves Ltd.High SpecificationValve Solutions................                 made in the heart of Yorkshire

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Historical evolution

Brooksbank Valves began manufacturing valves in 1953. The company was formed as an offshoot from the Brooksbank family manufacturing companies, which began trading in 1865. Since its conception Brooksbank Valves has evolved to provide cost effective valve solutions for a wide range of industries worldwide.

We specialise in Ball, Gate, Globe, Butterfly & Check valves manufactured in Bronze & Exotic materials for seawater, chemical, oil & gas corrosive environments.

We take satisfaction from being remembered for the quality of our product and the service provided in delivering it.

Evolution of an independent UK valve manufacturer.......

1865 - Founded to serve the textile industry

1953 - Diversified into Naval / Marine market; now with valves on almost every UK Naval vessel and many other navies worldwide

1987 - ISO 9001 accreditation gained

1987 - Range expanded to service the Oil & Gas Industry

1990 - Moved to premises in Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK

2009 - Expanded into additional 10,000 sq. ft. assembly facility

2012 - Workforce grows to more than 50 employees

2015 - Relocated to new premises in Cross Hills, West Yorkshire, UK

                              .......dedicated to supplying high quality valve solution.


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