Where are Brooksbank Valves

Brooksbank Valves Ltd.High SpecificationValve Solutions................                 made in the heart of Yorkshire

Brooksbank Valves Ltd.....

We are proud to be an independent UK family owned company. All our design, manufacture and testing are located at our own facilities

          ... based in "The Heart of Yorkshire"

Tel: +44 (0)1756 792346

Email: sales@brooksbank.co.uk

Head Office, Sales, Design & Operations:

Brooksbank Valves Ltd, 

Unit 4, The Crossings Business Park, 

Riparian Way, Cross Hills, Keighley, 

BD20 7BW, United Kingdom.

Assembly & Test Facility:

Brooksbank Valves Ltd,

Unit 2A, Sabella House, 

The Crossings Business Park,  

Riparian Way, Cross Hills, Keighley, 

BD20 7BW, United Kingdom.


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