Our Core Values

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We spoke to our staff and asked: What makes us, us?
We asked our staff to pick some words that embody everything we are and must be at work. This gave us a chance to understand what is important to our staff and if we can do anything differently but it also gave us an opportunity to see what we stand for. Being one of the last independent family-owned valve manufacturers in the UK, we understand the importance of values. This company has been passed down generations and still holds the same values it did back then: Quality, Value for Money and an Excellent Service.
Below are some of our favourites, chosen by our staff and what they mean to us.

Safety - Better a thousand times careful, than once dead.
A statement we have all heard at some point in our life but an important one. As a manufacturer working with large machines, the shop floor can be a dangerous place. We have an obligation to make sure we have a workplace that is as safe as can possibly be. The safety of every member of the Brooksbank Team is of the utmost importance as well as making all of our products safe for our customers to use. Therefore we not only meet health and safety standards but ensure we exceed them where we can. 

Helpful –  Our prime purpose in life is to help others.
Individually, we wouldn't be able to do what we do here at Brooksbank Valves. It takes a committed, organised and knowledgeable team all pulling in the same direction, continuing to move forward. From top to bottom, it is important that everyone has a solid understanding of what is going on in the company. Through company-wide regular meetings, our staff can see the bigger picture, our vision for the future and the long term goals of Brooksbank Valves. This helps our staff identify areas that we can improve on. We always promote a culture of openness and suggestions to improve procedures and practices are rewarded if implemented.

Energy – The purpose of knowledge is action.
Energy can come in all sorts of forms. As a business, we want people that have high energy and a positive attitude in the company. These high motivators are what keep us going when others start to feel deflated. Even one supercharged person can reinvigorate us. It is not just the energy of our staff that counts, it is how it is applied. Our staff apply their energy positively into all their work to achieve the best for Brooksbank Valves. 


Accountable – Accountability breeds responsibility 
Accountability is vital to the success of Brooksbank Valves. Every member of our team is responsible for their own success and that of the company. Each employee is assigned goals which are regularly reviewed. This not only lets our team know exactly what they have to do but is also a good measure to distinguish knowledge gaps and areas of growth. We do not believe in an autocratic style of management at Brooksbank Valves. We teach everyone to prioritise their workload, be open about it and demonstrate their skills practically.

Innovate - Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower
We are never happy with what we have achieved. We are always looking for more and are constantly looking at ways to innovate our products, our procedures and our services. We have a company-wide focus on research and development to ensure we are always at the forefront of innovation so that our customers receive the best outcome possible time after time.  

Fun – Have fun: It's got to be fun
Happy staff are productive staff. Can we say any more than that? Having a positive working environment is beneficial to everyone involved, this is why we promote a positive working culture to ensure our team are enjoying their work and subsequently doing their best work possible.