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Brooksbank Valves offer the following materials for their valves:

     Nickel Aluminium Bronze | High Tensile Brass | Gunmetal​                 
| ​Inconel®​ | Monel® | ​​Hastelloy®​

​Aluminium Bronze - Copper-Aluminium alloys where aluminium is the major alloying element. This range of bronzes combines high strength and high resistance to corrosion, the latter depending largely on a thin surface film of alumni. This also confers resistance to tarnish and high temperature oxidisation. The applications range from decorative architectural features for the simpler alloys, to highly stressed engineering components and those requiring a high degree of corrosion resistance. They have many marine uses, including propellers and valves, where water speeds are high. Most have good wear resistance and some are used for the manufacture of non-sparking tools.

Gunmetal - Copper-tin-zinc-lead alloys where all are alloying elements. Gunmetals are most widely used for combining good corrosion resistance with moderate strength and good castability. Applications include pumps, valves and fittings where pressure tightness is the main criteria. Gunmetal alloys are a favourite for making sand castings, which have a good combination of strength and machinability. Their resistance to most forms of corrosion is excellent and in this respect, they are superior to the brass range.

Leaded Gunmetal Bronze -  Copper-tin-lead alloys where lead is the substantial part of the alloy. These are used extensively for bearings, generally where loads and speeds are moderate. The greater the lead content, the greater is the tolerance for indifferent lubrication. Increasing lead content increases the machinability.

Brass - Copper-zinc alloys where zinc is the major alloying element. Sand and die-cast brasses - are low cost, easy to cast, have excellent machinability, with moderate strength and corrosion resistance in air and freshwater. Applications for the brasses range include small decorative castings to medium sized engineering components. An important use is for plumbers fittings due to such castings polishing well and being readily electroplated. High tensile brasses - are more highly alloyed and have considerably higher mechanical properties. HTB1 has good corrosion resistance and finds many uses in the marine and general engineering sectors.