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​British manufacturing is an institution that has no parallels, we are at the forefront of engineering and innovation. As one of the UK’s leading exotic alloy valve manufacturers, our products are sought after across the world in the Oil & Gas, Marine and Petrochemical industries.

Over the years at Brooksbank Valves we have developed an in depth, worldwide listing of agents. They make sure our portfolio of products can be targeted across the world and we can be on the ground and the frontline of places we couldn’t normally be. They provide immediate access to local industry knowledge and expertise.

We are proud of our list of agents, developing it over the years has been no easy feat. Which is why we have carefully selected our agents through an internal competency and ethical test to ensure their values match those of Brooksbank Valves. We make sure there is a level of openness and transparency between all parties and ensure everyone is in full compliance with the relevant British laws.

Having agents helps make the Brooksbank Valves supply chain more efficient and ensures we have the complete understanding of our customers throughout the world.

For more information about our current agents, please contact our sales team

​Brooksbank Valves are always on the lookout for successful, hardworking agents to develop our portfolio into other countries.

If you are an Agent and would like to represent us, please email our Marketing department with a company profile and the territory you would like to represent.