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Apprenticeships are the lifeblood of the UK workforce.

14th November 2019
The benefits of an apprenticeship.

​Apprenticeships are the lifeblood of the UK workforce, with over 2.1million of them being completed since 2010. Here at Brooksbank Valves, we are committed to our bespoke manufacturing apprenticeship program. We have had a new apprentice start every year since 2014 and have helped train seven different apprentices through Nelson & Colne College​​.

There are over 170 industries for apprentices to apply to, business, health and social care, manufacturing and retail are the big four, contributing to nearly 75% of new starters. Over 59,000 people started manufacturing apprenticeships in 2018, unfortunately, this is a decline of 16,000 from the year before, only further contributing to the manufacturing skills gap.  

How does an apprentice benefit Brooksbank?
The skills gap in manufacturing is one of the biggest issues affecting the industry right now, training and developing apprentices helps address this skills gap. Over 90% of apprentices, who complete their training stay in the industry, 70% stay with the company they trained with and 50% of those move into management positions at some point in their career.

Developing apprentices is a cost-effective way of training because they are contributing to the company while they are developing their skills. Apprentices learn a lot of their skills on the job and funding is available from the government to help with this. There is evidence that hiring and developing apprentices can improve productivity within the workplace. They can bring new ideas to the business and 72% of companies stated that productivity had improved since hiring an apprentice. According to the National Apprenticeship Service, an apprentice can increase productivity by over £200 a week and can rise as training continues.

The Benefits of an Apprenticeship 

Earn while you learn
Some people don’t want to continue with education and would like to go into the working world, an apprenticeship gives you that opportunity. It also gives you the chance to earn while you learn. You will receive a basic wage during your training which has the chance to increase after your first year.

The average debt of a three-year university graduate stands at over £50,000 in the UK.​ Students are evaluating their choices and it seems that more people are considering apprenticeships over a University course. It should also be noted that more businesses are seeing the benefits of hiring a qualified apprentice, with many favouring an apprenticeship qualification over a university degree due to the experience they have.

Guidance and development
Working as an apprentice, you will be assigned with an assessor, this is the person who is responsible for setting you all of your work during your training. They are on hand to guide and advise you throughout your course and give you support tailored to how you need it. The company you work for will also guide you while making sure you take responsibility for your actions, giving you confidence in your own abilities and gaining respect from your peers.

Receiving recognised qualifications
Each year of your apprentice is a different level, once you have completed the year, you will be rewarded with a recognised qualification. This can be the equivalent of GSCE’s, all the way up to a University master’s degree. Once qualified you can continue to train for advanced, higher or degree-level qualifications that can lead to specific job roles.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for both the company and the apprentice. We would recommend any business considering it to take the opportunity as our program has transformed Brooksbank Valves. Government guidance can be found here.

Brooksbank Valves are always looking for hard-working, self-motivated individuals who have an interest in manufacturing and the drive to succeed. Our apprenticeships page can be found here

If you think you would be a suitable candidate and want to be part of a genuine team that offers quality progression opportunities, please contact jobs@brooksbank.co.uk​.

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