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We have created a partnership with one of the worlds largest online stocklists of valves - Valve Connect 

Take it from us, we know that the isolation valve industry can be complicated. Over the last decade, it has become a faster paced and increasingly complex industry.

Blockchain, the internet of things, super-fast 5G. The world is more connected than it ever has been before. Gigabytes of data can be transferred in seconds to anywhere across the world. The supply chain is getting increasingly advanced across every industry and valves are no different.

Customers need and expect products faster than ever before, no matter where they are in the world. And now with a click of a button, you can find the valve you need on the go with Valve Connect​.

Brooksbank Valves are pleased to announce that we have created a partnership with Valve Connect, one of the largest online-based inventory management tools of valves in the world and all our stock is now available to view on their online database. Through Valve Connect you will be able to find the correct valve based on size, rating, flange finish and material.

Creating this partnership gives our customers flexibility and ease when searching through our stock of valves. A simple search can be conducted at your desk or on the go via mobile. Through valve connect you can contact our sales team, who will begin the process of getting you your valve.

This is an important step in improving and adapting our customer focus to be more in line with the modern-day buyer. The valve market is expected to continue to rise by an average of 4% over the next few years to approximately $85 Billion by the year 2023. Current estimates of the worth of stock valves across the world are exceeding $10 Billion. This rapid rate of growth brings new supply challenges with it and new technology can help with this. 

The procurement cycle can be a long process and delays can have a snowball effect on projects, valve connect can reduce the cycle time substantially. Valve connect simplifies the arduous task of searching around for the right valve by having everything in one place, reducing procurement times substantially.

To find out more information get in touch with our sales team and click here to see our full extensive range of valves on Valve Connect or visit the stock page on our website.

About Brooksbank Valves

Brooksbank Valves was established as an independent family-owned company in 1953, initially to supply the UK Navy with high-quality valves. A Specialist manufacturer of high specification valve solutions from Copper-based and Exotic Alloyed Materials. Used in all industrial and naturally corrosive applications and by those using oxygen in their processes. Brooksbank Valves reputation as a problem solver and a supplier of quality valves quickly grew and we were soon serving other industries around the world and we continue to operate on a global scale.