Our New Website is Live

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new website. 

11th October 2019
Our new website is live

The valve industry is changing rapidly, modern commerce demands visibility and engagement through the digital world and Brooksbank Valves Ltd. are delighted to be engaging in this mode of connecting with our customers.

Our brand-new website is live! This marks the first phase of expansion for the digital side of our business, the site will be a medium used to share helpful information, industry news, company case studies, announcements, newsletters and testimonials, all created in-house by our marketing department.

A spokesperson for Brooksbank Valves commented “As the industry is diversifying and becoming increasingly digital, we felt it was the right time to create a faster more user-friendly website, helping to prove to our customers we are at the forefront of innovation. Digital is an ever-increasing channel and we recognise the importance of participating and connecting with the greater world in a way our modern customers have come to expect.”

Our new interactive site is faster and better equipped to handle modern web surfing by being fully mobile integrated, allowing our customers to browse with ease and “on the go”. Visitors to the site will have easier access to our product ranges, like the new Triple Offset Butterfly Valve and be able to explore the options of manufacturing in exotic alloys with associated engineering standards.

We have also updated our ISO and PED certification, connected our social media profiles and our newest product brochure is now available to download. An in-depth section about our team​ and recruitment is close to completion.

We are very proud of our new website and would like to extend our thanks to our developers, Dataphiles in Otley, Yorkshire for their tireless work to get the new site up and running.

This is an investment into the future of Brooksbank Valves.

About Brooksbank Valves

Brooksbank Valves was established as an independent family-owned company in 1953, initially to supply the UK Navy with high-quality valves. A Specialist manufacturer of high specification valve solutions from Copper-based and Exotic Alloyed Materials. Used in all industrial and naturally corrosive applications and by those using oxygen in their processes. Brooksbank Valves reputation as a problem solver and a supplier of quality valves quickly grew and we were soon serving other industries around the world and we continue to operate on a global scale.