High Tensile Brass (HTB1)

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HTB1 is a high tensile brass and it is a duplex alloy, combining copper alloys, aluminium, tin iron and manganese that create a variety of properties beneficial to end users. High tensile brass has a high corrosion resistance due to the aluminium. The addition of the manganese and the iron help improve the strength levels. The iron acts as a grain refiner meaning the alloy is versatile and differing results can be achieved depending on how it is treated.

High Tensile Brass is a very strong alloy and because it has a small percentage of manganese in it, it is often used in a variety of environments such as marine engines, pump casting, marine & gas valves and bearings. This is because of its strength and non-corrosive properties due to the iron grain refiner added to it. It is also good in environments where it is going to be welded, soldered or brazed because of its hot forming properties. 

Chemical Composition

​Cu- 84-86%    Sn- 4-6%    Pb- 4-6%     Zn- 4-6%     P- 1.5%    Ni- 1%