Nickel-Aluminium Bronze (C95800)

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C95800 Nickel-Aluminium Bronze alloy is very strong. It is renowned for having high strength and ductility which is retained at low temperatures, good shock & wear resistance, good casting qualities as well as being easy to machine. Additionally, it is easy to weld and has good thermal and electrical conductivity properties. It has exceptional corrosion resistance due to a tough oxide layer.

Heat treatment further increases its seawater corrosion properties, making it an ideal choice in marine environments with the material being used for seawater valves and ships components. This is because the aluminium forms a layer of alumina and the copper prevents colonisation from any marine organisms. It has even been known to be used as a replacement for the precious metal gold in jewellery due to its golden colour.

Chemical Composition

​Cu- 79%     Pb- 0.034%     Fe- 3.5-4.5%     Ni- 4-5%     Al- 8.5-9.5%     

Mn- 0.8-1.5%     Si- 0.1%